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BB Wertmetall GmbH

BB Wertmetall GmbH in Leipzig has been offering innovative precious metal products made of silver and gold since 2009. At that time, the first physical silver savings plan in Germany was created, as far as we know. The USP in silver is then as now the low spread between purchase and sale of the products of only 10%. BB Wertmetall consistently refrains from using precious metals that bear a high time mark of states, mints or banks, but instead refers to the Creator of all things, revered by Jews and Christians, in its minted products with Hebrew characters.

At the end of 2012, BB Wertmetall GmbH founded a branch office in Lenzburg, which then became BB Wertmetall AG in 2015, which has since been headed by precious metals expert Werner J. Ullmann as CEO. He has made a name for himself as a board member of listed gold exploration companies and as the author of the specialist book "Profit mit Rohstoffen".

Since 2014, BB Wertmetall has been marketing the S-Deposito(R) - a silver deposit with 100% physical coverage in high-purity silver granules. Nearly 60% of the global physical silver trade takes place in this form of silver. This trade takes place between refineries, mints and large industrial users, usually without access for private individuals. Through the S-Deposito, private investors can now also participate in this highly liquid and attractively priced silver market. BB Wertmetall offers high availability through 2 fixings per trading day, an interactive online portal and - through storage and trading in the high security area of a Swiss bonded warehouse - a spread of less than 5%.

BB Wertmetall is open to cooperations with asset managers and customer benefit oriented financial service providers, but also advises and markets its products itself.